Dr. Bernadette J. Madrid is the Most Outstanding Pediatrician of the Year 2021

The Philippine Pediatric Society Inc. awarded Dr. Madrid during the 58th PPS Annual Convention in Manila, Philippines on the 25th day of July, in the Year Two Thousand and Twenty One.

Child Protection Network Foundation Narrative Video

Don’t look away. Please watch this. It is reality. It is what the Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc. (CPN) deals with daily. Child abuse goes on behind seemingly innocent facades.

We are here to reach behind these windows, to offer help and treatment. This is our mission. To reach as many abused kids as we can. To let them know that there is help, there are options.

Help us to help the kids.

Child Protection Network Foundation’s Pandemic Response

Child Protection Network (CPN) works to help all children who are victims of abuse. We aim to help prevent abuse and to treat those kids who have been victims of terrible situations.

Here is a look at what CPN has been doing to help fight abuse during the pandemic. Our continued success largely depends on friends like you.

The Science of Love in Childhood, conversations with leading experts in childhood love, adversity and mental health.

In this ground-breaking new series by UNICEF, Laura Mucha – author, poet and children’s advocate – interviews some of the world’s leading experts to share why love is so important in childhood. The series sets out to cover how adversity impacts us as children and the adults we become; what we can do to protect and improve young people’s mental health; and why safe and loving relationships are so vital for children’s health, development and wellbeing throughout life.

The Science of Love in Childhood, an interview with Dr. Bernadette Madrid on how childhood experiences affect your mental health throughout life.

In episode 3 of UNICEF’s series featuring conversations with the world’s leading experts in childhood love, adversity and mental health, host Laura Mucha, author, poet and children’s advocate, talks to Bernadette Madrid, Executive Director of Child Protection Network Foundation and Head of Child Protection Unit at Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines Manila – about how childhood experiences affect your mental health throughout life.

The Science of Love in Childhood series aims to highlight the impact of childhood adversity on children and young people, and how children of different ages respond to and understand stressful and severely distressing experiences. The conversations also explore why loving and connected relationships, including the presence of a stable and responsive adult caregiver, especially in early years, are so important in breaking this cycle of violence and poor mental health.

A Critical Period in Reducing Abuse and Exploitation in Low- and Middle- Income Countries
by Dr. Bernadette J. Madrid

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