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Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc. (CPN)

  • CPN is composed of professionals and individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that all children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from the many faces of abuse. Doctors, social workers, lawyers, police, and volunteers in the 113 Women and Children Protection Units (WCPUs) across the country work hand in hand towards this goal.
  • Vision: All children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from abuse and neglect.
  • Mission: The Asian Center for Child Protection in collaboration with all Child Protection Units shall serve every abused child with compassion and competence ensuring that all abused children and children at risk are safe, healthy, and developing to the best of their potential within a nurturing family environment.

The proceeds of this conference continue to support our goal of establishing at least one Women and Children Protection Unit (WCPU) in a government hospital in each province providing free direct services to abused children and children-at-risk. This network for the treatment of abused children has grown from one child protection unit in the Philippine General Hospital in 1997 to currently have 113 WCPUs and VAWC Desks in 57 provinces and 10 independent cities in the Philippines.

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