Amendment To COA Circular No. 2013-003, Dated January 30, 2013, Re: Reiteration Of Audit Disallowance Of Payments Without Legal Basis Of Allowances, Incentives, And Other Benefits Of Government Officials And Employees In The NGAs, LGUs, And GOCCs And Their Subsidiaries.

Rates of Magna Carta Benefits for Public Health Workers (PHWs) stated in COA Circular No. 2013-003, with item 5.0, Rules and Regulations on the Grant of Compensation – Related Magna Carta Benefits to PHWs of DBM and DOH Joint Circular No. 1, series of 2012, dated November 29, 2012, the Magna Carta Benefits to PHWs’ rates prescribed in COA Circular No. 2013-003 dated January 30, 2013

Download PDF: COA Circular No. 2013-003