Certificate on Women and Children Protection Specialty Course

Certificate on Women and Children Protection Specialty Course

The Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc. (CPN) is a Filipino non-stock, non-profit charitable foundation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. CPN is a multi-disciplinary network that is committed to the highest clinical standards of care for abused children. It works towards capacitating child protection specialists and child protection units (CPUs) to achieve excellence in serving abused children and children-at-risk.

It has grown from one child protection unit (CPU) at the Philippine General Hospital to currently 79 women and children protection facilities in hospitals spread across 43 provinces and 9 cities in the Philippines. CPN’s goal is to establish at least one WCPU in each of the 81 provinces of the country.

From 2004 to 2014, the CPUs have treated and served more than 45, 562 children and 80% of these are girl-children who were sexually abused. Each child received medical and psychosocial care for as long as it was needed to keep the child safe, healthy, and secure.

CPN has two (2) types of members: 1) individual members who are physicians trained to be child protection specialists, and 2) CPUs that are either hospital-based or community-based across the country. Each CPU is composed of at least one physician and one social worker working together. Some WCPUs include a police officer and/or a psychologist.


 The Certificate in Women and Children Protection Specialty (CCPS) is an on-site program designed for physicians, social workers, and police officers who want to become experts in managing women and child abuse cases.

The participants’ knowledge, attitude, and skills on handling abuse often associated with domestic violence, lack of access to and information on reproductive health are developed and enhanced through comprehensive discussion in the modules, interesting cases, exercises with feedback, and actual encounters with patients/clients. They undergo individual and group practicum and summative assessment in a face-to-face setting and have 24/7 access to trainers and preceptors during their rotations at the Child Protection Unit-Philippine General Hospital (CPU-PGH).

The physicians undergo a total of six-week training with three (3) rotations (two weeks per rotation).  The social workers and police undergo a total of four (4) weeks training with two (2) rotations (also two weeks per rotation).

Simultaneous to completing the CWCPS, the participants are expected to set up, in coordination with the Department of Health retained-hospital, local government unit (LGU) and their sponsoring organization and/or hospital, the WCPU in the hospital selected to house the multi-disciplinary facility.


 After completing the program, the participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the legal framework on women and child abuse;
  2. Discuss stages of child development;
  3. Discuss gender and sensitivity  issues;
  4. Perform complete history taking in child abuse cases;
  5. Understand the dynamics of child abuse and its effects on the child and the family;
  6. Comprehend the psychosocial sequelae of sexual assault in women;
  7. Comprehend the psychological trauma of  victim of human trafficking ;
  8. Competently manage all forms of child abuse;
  9. Apply the multi-disciplinary approach in women and child abuse cases;
  10. Apply the referral system of domestic violence
  11. Practice self care for the carers; and
  12. Competently testify in court.


For all trainees
  • Child development
  • History taking
  • Relevant Laws on Violence Against Women and Children
  • Gender and sensitivity  training
  • Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Multidisciplinary Case Management
  • Case Conference
  • Dynamics of Abuse
  • Psychosocial sequelae of sexual assault in women
  • Psychological trauma of victim of human trafficking
  • Case Analysis
  • Care for the Carers
  • Referral system in violence against women and children
  • Handling Stress in the Management of Abused Children
  • Dynamics and Management of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems
  • MDT Workshop/Journal Discussions
  • Testifying in Court
For Physicians
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Child Neglect
For Police Officers
  • Taking of Sworn Statement
  • Interview Guide: Trafficking in Persons
  • Types of Abuse
  • Filing of Case
  • Crime Scene Investigation
For Social Workers
  • Discussion on Intake and Data Gathering
  • Types of Abuse
  • Forensic Documentation
  • Brief Solution-Focused Session w/ Individual & Family
  • Issues Relevant to Sexual Abuse
  • Crisis Counseling


 Target participants include physicians, police officers, and social workers from the Philippines. The minimum selection criteria include:

  • Professional license as physician or social worker
  • Medical degree for physician, social work degree for social worker, and any college degree for police officers
  • Willingness to handle child abuse cases in actual clinical practice
  • Sent by an institution that is committed to establish a WCPU
  • Fill up application form
  • Submit all requirements indicated in the application form
  • Must be computer literate


Batch 1

1st Rotation: February 11 – 22, 2019

2nd Rotation: March 25 – April 5, 2019

3rd Rotation: May 20 – 31, 2019

  • CPD Point for Physicians
    • Program Accreditation No.: 2017-187-4425
    • CPD Points: 51.5
Batch 2

1st Rotation: March 4 – 15, 2019

2nd Rotation: April 29 – May 10, 2019

3rd Rotation: June 17 – 28, 2019

  • CPD Point for Physicians
    • Program Accreditation No.: 2017-187-4426
    • CPD Points: 51.5
Batch 3

1st Rotation: July 1 – 12, 2019

2nd Rotation: August 27-September 6, 2019

3rd Rotation: October 1 – 11, 2019

  • CPD Point for Physicians
    • Program Accreditation No.: 2017-187-4427
    • CPD Points: 51.5
Batch 4

1st Rotation: July 22 – August 2, 2019

2nd Rotation: September 9 – 20, 2019

3rd Rotation: October 14 – 25, 2019

  • CPD Point for Physicians
    • Program Accreditation No.: 2017-187-4428
    • CPD Points: 51.5